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The Bradley County Republican Party meets the 4th Tuesday night of every month, at 7:00 PM in the County Commission Room at the Bradley County Courthouse.

The Bradley County Republican Party exists to elect and re-elect Republicans to office. The Bradley County Republican Party will work with the Tennessee Republican Party and like-minded men and women to make a positive impact on our county and the State of Tennessee. In addition, the party’s mission is to increase the visibility of the Republican Party while increasing the Republican base vote by deepening party loyalty and effectively communicating conservative principles to the general public.

We appreciate the time taken and interest shown in exploring our website. We hope this site will help extend our presence throughout Bradley County and beyond in an effort to more efficiently and effectively present and clarify our policies as well as offer information about officials who represent our party. The Internet offers us a unique ability to portray our ideas, candidates, and issues directly to you, the voter. We hope this will help provide a better, more convenient way for our members and voters to gain the information they need to make a truly informed decision before placing their vote.

If you have further interest in the Bradley County Republican Party, please consider becoming personally involved. We need your input and involvement to make the party as effective as it can be. More than likely there is a Republican Club in your part of the county, please look on this website and get involved.

Comments or questions relating to the party? Please email us at

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